How To Choose A Recurve Bow

Recurve Bow

Wondering how to choose your first recurve bow? It is much easier than you could ever imagine. You only need the right set of guidelines and a proper overview of what you are looking for. It's normal to be confused due to the availability of numerous recurve bows in the market.

Go through the following guidelines In order to eliminate the disarray and choose a perfect recurve bow for yourself.

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Aim of The Bow

It's mandatory to have a clearer objective of the equipment before buying it. Ask yourself, what purpose would a recurve bow serve in your life? The type of recurve bow is directly related to why you use it.

You can either use a bow for hunting or as a means of recreation in case of target practice. In the case of hunting, the criteria are different. You can not use every recurve bow for hunting. Shooting an arrow for hunting animals requires huge force; thus, we need a bow with a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds.

Draw weight is the required amount of force we need to apply to pull the string. The arrow has to be released with an adequate amount of penetrating force while hunting animals like deer and pigs. Therefore, a normal recurve bow would not do the job.

The higher draw weight ensures a higher chance for your arrow to travel farther and hit the target. Thus, always go for 30-35 pounds of recurve bow while hunting petite game such as turkey, birds, and rabbits, while 40 pounds for big hunts.

In contrast, we need not worry much while choosing a recurve bow for target practice. In target practice, all we have to do is hit the bull's eye; thus, no extra force or energy is required.

Though, you should consider your budget while buying a recurve bow for target practice. You should not spend a hefty amount by buying a heavy-weight and expensive bow just to use for recreational activities.

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Take Down Or One-Piece

Since the world is updating every other day, we are provided with various options of recurve bows depending on our preferences. Take-down recurve bow is strengthening its feet in the market. Experts, as well as beginners, like it because of its unique features.

Take-down recurve bows are easily transported from one place to another. These hunting bows can be effortlessly reduced to smaller parts ensuring smooth portability. You should consider it if you are going on a long journey to a forest to hunt your favorite animal.

In the case of take-down recurve bows, you don't have to upgrade the whole bow; you can easily detach the limbs and upgrade them with new limbs for improved function.

However, one-piece recurve bows are favorable when you have enough room in your luggage. Choose the one that benefits you the best.

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Consider The Height & Weight

You must consider the actual weight and height while choosing a recurve bow. Considering the draw weight only is not sufficient. You should keep in mind that these bows need to be held in front of you for extended hours. Thus, choosing a heavy bow might create a hindrance in shooting your best shot.

Recurve bows that weigh more than 3.5 lbs should not be preferred. The average weight range for a beginner should be 2lbs to 3lbs.

In comparison, you need not to balance your height with the bow's length. Instead, a bow that is twice your draw length should be considered. For example, if your draw length is 28, then you should go for a bow that is 56.

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Accessorize Your Recurve Bow

Another thing to keep in mind while choosing a recurve bow is whether you want to accessorize it with aiding peep sights or not. The choice is yours; some of the experts oppose the idea of adding these accessories. They believe it distorts the natural experience of archery.

Some recurve bows have pre-installed sections for attaching these accessories, while some have to be done manually. Either way, it's your call to attach these or not.

Accessories To Start With

  • Arrows
  • String
  • Sight
  • Quiver
  • Chest guard
  • Arm guard

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Let's Wrap Up

It is crucial to consider the above-mentioned guidelines to break down the confusing process of choosing a recurve bow. You need to be clear of your purpose and select a type of recurve bow that suits your circumstances. Don't forget to consider the height and weight along with accessorizing your bow with modern accessories.