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Download PDF's of Our Products

All MPI products and specifications can be downloaded in a PDF format. Simply go to our products page, select the category and part of interest, and click the download PDF button to save a copy for easy reference and ordering.

MPI Compound Software

Software designed to match proper compound formulations to product use requirements.

This application was the first program ever designed exclusively for the oilfield industry to match MPI rubber formulations of MPI products. Once installed, this proprietary program monitors the conditions that will be encountered in your work environment. The program then matches your specific well to our product. It’s the extra mile we offer to ensure the performance and dependability of our parts to our customers.

How Does This Software Help?

  • It allows the customer to simulate how a compound will perform in hostile conditions.
  • It reduces the possibility of product failure by eliminating rubber formulations that will not perform as desired.
  • It allows the customer to be in complete control of design parameters on MPI products to be used on specific tools in the most hostile conditions.

This disk can be downloaded to your computer or furnished upon request using the form on our Contact Page.

Compound Charts

Use our charts to aid in choosing the proper materials and formulation for your service requirements.

Utilizing our charts eliminates the possibility of purchasing an MPI rubber part that will not meet your needs. MPI elastomeric engineers can help with the interpretation of the charts and furnish background testing information used in the derivation of the data. Field testing and utilization of MPI products from the proper compounds have been proven over a 22 year span.

The chart to the right is the "MPI Product Guide." This chart indicates the MPI formulations that have been tested showing positive results in specific conditions. The charts below display the environments and conditions where individual raw rubbers (polymers or elastomers) may give adequate performance.

Product Certification

Product certification allows products to be traced to the point and time of manufacture.

What product certification means for you.

Through our Quality Assurance Program, MPI can furnish a certification document assuring that all standard production procedures have been followed, and all molded rubber products meet established criteria for premium well performance. This means all of our products are traceable to batch number, processing condition, and date of manufacture.

  • The product you receive will meet all quality standards.
  • Quality standards are consistent purchase to purchase.
  • Our products will meet your performance expectations.


Staying up-to-date with emerging rubber technology.

MPI maintains an extensive rubber testing laboratory to ensure the rubber formulations you received meet the design standard. Each batch is tested for conformance. We stay up-to-date with new rubber technologies and use our laboratory to continually improve product performance.

Our lab also performs frequent life-expectancy tests on all formulations and molded rubber products, making traceability and certification another one of MPI’s excellent customer service qualities.

Rubber Book

This Rubber Book was featured in the May/June 2007 edition of Well Servicing Magazine!

MPI produced a book detailing the history of the rubber industry from its beginning in 1700 AD to its use in the oil industry. Each chapter may be downloaded below or you may contact us for a free CD.