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Packer Repair Parts

Replacement elements, seals, "O" rings, and drag springs for the most frequently used packers.

Typical Examples of MPI Packer Elements and Seals

MPI packer elements and seals are produced from precisely calculated rubber compounds using cutting-edge molding methods. Our rubber compounds are fully capable of withstanding hostile environments and will produce the desired isolation in oil wells. Well operators using MPI elements and seals can expect excellent performance from our Packer products. In fact, our products are so robust that many times they outlive the projects they are used in!

Why Use MPI Elements and Seals?

MPI packer elements and seals are proven to outperform the competition in most well environments. When MPI products are utilized correctly, well operations become practically worry free. We make replacement packer elements, seals, drag springs, and "O" rings to fit the most popular manufacturer packers, bridge plugs, and tubing anchors. These include Arrow, Baker, Elder, Guiberson, Halliburton, and others. Contact us for more detailed information. Background testing programs and results are available by contacting MPI.

Rod Guides

Sucker Rod Guides produced from the best quality rubber formulations and a spring steel insert.

Why Use MPI Sucker Rod Guides?

Our elastomer engineers have created a special formula for our rubber rod guides that ensures optimum performance. They hold tight and stay in place even in temperatures of 300°F and above. Rigid quality control throughout our production guarantees that our products are the very best money can buy.

Installing Rod Guides

We recommend installation immediately above the pump. Run two rod guides for the first 200 feet. The first rod guide should be placed about 18” above the coupling. Place the second in the center of the rod. Then divide the remaining length of rod string into three equal parts. On the bottom third, place one guide per rod at 18” above the coupling. On the middle third, place one guide on every other rod. On the top third, a rod guide is not necessary unless the hole is crooked.

Stripper Rubbers

Replacement Stripper Rubbers guaranteed to fit most of the popular tubing heads.

Why Use MPI Stripper Rubbers?

MPI wellhead seals and tubing stripper rubbers are manufactured as replacement parts for existing heads. The compounds we utilize are designed to provide a consistent well pressure seal and maximum resistance to well fluid deterioration and wear. Our Stripper Rubbers are made to fit in heads such as Huber, Cameron, BIW, Gulfco, Hinderliter, Norris Hinderliter, Rector, OCT, and others.

Consult MPI representatives for recommendations on utilization for your specific well environment.