Our products are manufactured in America by Americans
using time-tested formulations.

MP Industries
  • Top-Quality Products

    At MP Industries, our goal has always been to provide customers with excellent molded rubber oilfield products. For more than 30 years, we have been doing just that. From packer parts, stripper rubbers, sucker rod guides, valve parts and even seals, we continue to be the leaders in the production of oilfield mechanical molded rubber products!slide 1
  • Excellent Service

    With the aid of our highly trained, caring staff and top-of-the-line machinery, MP Industries, Inc. ensures that our customers are always receiving the best replacement molded rubber oilfield products available. All of our products are made within the USA so you know you are receiving superior products backed by the same standard of service.slide 2
  • Dependability

    We put decades of experience to use in order to provide our customers with replacement molded rubber products they can rely on in even the most hostile environments. Our products work effectively in temperature ranges from -50°F to +450°F and in environments from salt water to CO2 and H2S. Our parts outperform the competition even in the most difficult projects. That's what we call dependability with depth.slide 3


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Free Resources

Compound Selection Software CD

This application was developed exclusively for the Oilfield Industry to match MPI rubber formulations on MPI products to the individual conditions in your work environment. And we offer it free to you.

Compound Charts

Charts that aid in the choice of proper rubber compounds to
use in specific oilfield applications are available to download
in PDF format.

Product Certification Sheets

Part of delivering quality products to our customers comes from our product certification. This process allows products to be traced to batch number, processing condition, and date of manufacture.