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Top Pack-Off Rubbers Norris Hinderliter Hercules Larkin Rector | Oilfield Tool Repair Parts

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Top Pack-Off Rubbers

*Available in different tubing sizes. See price list.

All Top Pack-Off Rubbers

Replacement Top Pack-Off Rubbers

Part No. Head Type Weight
TPR-6S Don R. Hinderliter 6S 0.5#
TPR-HBW Hercules HBW 0.6#
TPR-HSOS Hercules 47S/SOS 1#
TPR-LK Larkin K 1#
TPR-LR Larkin R 1#
TPR-NH Norris-Hinderliter 4 in 1 1#
TPR-NHS Norris-Hinderliter NHS 1#
TPR-RR Rector R 1#
TPR-SS Don R. Hinderliter SS 0.5#
TPR-SWS Don R. Hinderliter SW 0.5#